Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More books

I told you, a poster that features a book is a good poster in my, uhm, book ... drat!
And I just so happen to like the movie attached to this one.
Especially Jimmy Smits’ character who only tries to do the decent thing and gets demonised for it by his family. Poor guy!

High Sierra, this one could almost be the exception to the rule!
But it’s such a beautiful drawing on its own that I’m bound to graciously overlook the fact that personally I do find that the poster takes away some from the movie by emphasizing that it is a novel adaptation. High Sierra is after all in my view one of Bogart’s greatest movies, but then I’m looking at the movie, and this poster, from a far removed vantage point. And the image itself perfectly captures the thrill of reading, the coming alive of the pages. One can hardly call himself a reader that doesn’t like this image.

A haunting image, the equalization of the act of burning books to the terrorist act of 9/11 may not be what the artist meant for us to take away from it, but it gives you that idea. Not sure about the movie though, the problem is these days there seems to be just as much Anti-Semitic propaganda around as there is (Anti-Anti-) Semitic propaganda.

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