Friday, January 22, 2010


The Kiss is a all-time favoured of mine, the movie offers everything a boy can ask for and some more. It stars a few of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses of the time (namely young Meredith Salenger, delightful evil Joanna Pacula, and motherly Mimi Kuzyk) in a fun ride fuelled by teen romance and evil witchcraft.

But, alas, ain’t that poster just a let down?
I guess we should thank the heavens that this is a 80’s movie and not a 90's or later venture, else we would have gotten just one dreadful Photoshop manip. But yeah, The Kiss is close to the category of “watched despite poster” movies, with all the visual possibilities the movie had to offer, they couldn’t come up with anything better?

On a side note: Curiously enough, even though I have a total crush on Meredith Salenger, I still haven’t got round to watch The Journey of Natty Gann.
The poster of which I’d say I adore, only I’m afraid it is actually just Meredith whom I adore. I do find it to be a beautiful set-up, no doubt about that, but have this hunch that if it was starring anybody else it would speak only half as much to me.

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