Thursday, January 28, 2010

Undercover Animal

Oh my god, I love this German poster for The Howling (called Das Tier in German which translates back to The Animal).

Every now and then when I consider doing a top list, I just know that I would have to include this poster.
It simply has everything needed, it’s beautifully drawn, highly sensual & terrifying, and it features one of the greatest taglines: (Rough translation)

There’s an animal in all of us, beware if it should break loose.

The only fault I could find with it, is the fact that there’s no such scene in the movie, it doesn’t even come close to capture the movies actual mood.
That always makes me wonder about it, I harbour a secret suspicion that it was commissioned as artwork for the remake of Cat People, for which it would have been a perfect fit.
And Cat People, which has been internationally graced with one of the most erotic posters ever (another one that would prominently feature if I was to do a top list), would really have benefited from that; the alternate design used for Germany looks like an ill attempt at coming up with a cross between the original and the less suggestive (emphasizing the horror aspect) UK version:



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