Saturday, January 9, 2010

Erotic art?

I didn't expect to find myself talking about Irreversible, but finding the poster in a Top 100 Erotic Movie Posters list worried me. Now, one could put this down to the author of that list having had only a limited overview of posters, but circumstances indicate differently. Another possibility would be a personal preference for Monica Belluci, but the low ranking of Malèna seems to dispel that idea, too.

Maybe it's just my inability to see the art for Irreversible detached from the movie it belongs to, and its story, that clouds my judgment; maybe, this is not meant to illustrate human vulnerability; maybe it belongs in erotic art … but my gut feeling begs to differ.
Personally, I very much prefer Malèna, a poster that is deserving its spot in a Erotic Movie Posters list.

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