Monday, January 25, 2010

Picture perfect moment

This scene from The Mummy III always has me think of strategy games I watched being played by a comrade. It vividly reminds me of the fact that the younger generation of action directors take more of their visual cues from PC-Games these days. A fact that becomes most visible in the works of Rob Cohen and Paul W. S. Anderson; but also with older, more consume oriented directors like George Lucas (see his second Star Wars trilogy, the last part looked like written to double as a game script).
It seems ironic at first glance that movies should work their hardest to look like games, when games these days try (again) their hardest to emulate a movie going experience (see the MGS or Uncharted series as examples).
But looking back we realize that what we witness here is just an ongoing trend that has been around probably forever. In the 80's to early 90's we could observe a similar phenomena when (action) directors started to take visual cues from music videos, while those aimed to become short movies instead. It’s the cross pollination of the media, whatever new medium the next generation will discover for itself, we will see it sway it’s influence on future movies and vice versa.

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