Monday, August 10, 2009

Simply beautiful

I’ve given you a fair bit of negativity about current posters, it’s time for a change:

A poster that features the less than original allusion “Now that she’s here there will be blood!” as tagline, might seem a odd choice for a post that is aimed at praising some of the current posters, but I really do love the image they created, sans the tagline which is awful. The image perfectly captures the movies origin as a Anime (maybe a Manga, too?) and it has been designed with the target audience in mind (ever so slightly reminding me of D.O.A. – Dead or Alive).
Though, it still strikes me as odd to see a rated R movie aimed at teenagers, shows the change of times.

Admitted, the reason I love this poster is that it brings together two of my favoured items:
Lauren Graham, who hopefully this time stars in a movie that gives her the exposure she deserves and doesn’t just use her as a good-looking backdrop, and books.
Any movie featuring books can’t be bad, and any poster that manages to sneak in a book or two (or even a whole staple!) gets a thumbs up from me!
I might reconsider saying that again should I come upon a poster that spotlights Mein Kampf, but ‘til then I stand by what I just said.

The actress in the foreground is stunningly beautiful, and then there’s this sad look in her eyes mixed with a careful guarded glimmer of hope for … something, something better, anything.
The open sky above seems to speak of a hope for freedom, with the ornate letters used lending a air of spirituality to it, an unfaltering believe in grace.
The poster gives us the ever recurring topic of travelling, of a search for a better place, for a different life, ultimately searching for a destination.

A feeling we all can relate to

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