Thursday, January 7, 2010

Legend of Hell-House

I love this movie, it counts for me among the better haunted house tales.
Not as great a movie or story as The Haunting of Hill House, but pretty decent und scary to young ol’ me. And if it wasn’t for that silly ectoplasm scene I would like it just that bit more.
Ah well, but the actors deliver fine performances and make even some of the more cheesy lines sound solid, it is a all-round serious horror movie.

That brings us to the poster.
I’ll be darned if I knew what exactly the illustrator was aiming at with that, maybe he saw a different version of the movie, not sure. My first thought was that might have been shooting for something akin to The House on Skull Mountain which is the younger of the two, so … the question remains unanswered. I mean I like that poster, that’s not in question, it just looks a bit like a spoof to me, it’s the olive as eye I’d say. Could it be that he tries to say in a very subtle manner that "this movie will leave you shaken, but not stirred"?

Never saw House on Skull Mountain, btw,
but that poster sure looks great!

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  1. This movie is a masterpiece! The strange music, the wonderful setting, the superb photography...The actors are great, too, I especially love Pamela Franklin and Gayle Hunnicutt.