Sunday, January 17, 2010

Erotic art - Personal Favourites

To close our little impromptu Erotic Art special, I presents some of what would definitely make the list if I was inclined to one. For convenience sake I post them in alphabetical order instead of possible ranking (Cat People would be first).
And finally at the end of this post you find a Gallery of posters I consider would belong in a best of list.

The inclusion of the rain soaked Nastassia Kinski, used for the Cat People remake, is a no-brainer. You'd be hard pressed to come up with anything that screams sex as loud as that image, as least with anything nigh as innocent and tasteful in its execution.
It's a darn shame the movie turned out to be not half as accomplished as the poster artwork which conveys the message of the original movie spot on.

Emmanuelle 4 is another lifetime favourite, and curiously enough the Emmanuelle movies come for me right next to the Cat People remake in terms of watch ability.
Great artwork, boring movies.

It's probably just me, but the way Faye’s pose half reveals her legs is downright sexy.

Essentially the poster for la petite voleuse is about the same, included for the same reason, as the poster for The company of wolves, there's an irresistible sense of magic to that perceived moment when a girl turns into a woman.

A Gallery:

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