Sunday, January 31, 2010

Teenaged Mad Scientists

Remember my “How Nightmare on Elm Street is a grown up’s Labyrinth” post?
I don’t know if it is something with Wes Craven, but I do happen to find that a similar analogy could be drawn from Weird Science to The Deadly Friend.*
Though, other than with the former movies these are essentially aimed at the same age group (give or take a few years), toying around with one of the oldest dreams of every adolescent boy ever: To create a woman!**
I love both movies which probably means that I might grow one day into one of those scary hermits that will build a hut in the woods and make abduction plans; there’s a thought to scare you! The fact that I also have Mannequin, to which a direct line could be drawn from either of the above movies, on my fave list as well as being a fan of Lars and the Real Girl, which follows a much similar topic***, isn’t probably exactly a point in my favour either.

*or maybe I’m just making things up to have an excuse to post the VHS cover for Deadly Friend which I so far like best of the box designs I’ve encountered.

** fact is that men in particular seem to never really grow out of this fantasy which is the reason why is has become such a heavily used topic with horror and sexploitation movies, enough so that one could define it as a subgenre of it’s own.

*** and isn’t that a truly scary idea that there are grown people out there, willing to pay the equivalent of a small car just to have a live like looking sextoy around? It always makes me marvel at how small a step it must be for them to go from mere fantasizing to the next level…

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