Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Erotic Art - Girls and Guns

With a title like that it would be easy to simply go and post the entirety of Bond posters. I hope you don't mind me opening with one:
The Living Daylights, actually managed to replace an old favourite of mine among the Bond posters, and the movies, namely the iconic For your eyes only (I'm pretty sure I'll find an excuse to post that later on).

Girls and Guns, this is a staple in erotic art with a connection between the two of them almost as immediate as the popular Death & Eros image often used with Horror movies.

To include Ms. 45, after what I said about putting up Irreversible in a Erotic Movie Posters top list, must seem a odd decision and I feel that I have to make excuses for that. Well, I can only say this in my defence that I never actually saw the movie in question.

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