Friday, August 28, 2009

Music of it all

Every now and then, we'll encounter a movie poster that makes us instantly think of that song (and no that happens not only with La Bamba or Great Balls of Fire).

Now who's gonna dare to argue with the Moody Blues as going along best with this highly erotic poster for Emanuelle II?

David Bowie's song must have been what John Carpenter had on his mind when he came up with his movie.
A true classic, both the movie and the song, although I prefer to watch the movie over listening to the song.
Karen Allen has beat David Bowie hands down for me.

For Nekromantik we have two artists competing for doing the honours:
The Böhse Onkelz probably are the ones that earn this place, but for those that like their music a bit more cultured we still want to offer Alice Cooper as an alternative.

I'm never quite sure if it was Bruce Springsteen's song, that influenced the script to Natural Born Killers or the true crime case Bruce was referring to in his song.
Doesn't matter eitherway, my advice: Listen to Bruce tell the story and skip the movie altogether, 'cept maybe for the last half hour when Robert Downey Jr. gives a performance that almost saves this piece.

Who could better illustrate the innocence of this drawing than the angelic voice of Allison Krauss.

Wish I was there...

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