Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jennifer's Body

I don't like Megan Fox much, or more to the point I don't like how she promotes herself or let's herself be promoted to horny young teenagers in a way that emphasizes the notion that actors are just whores.
Which they are, but then again we all are in a very strict sense selling our bodies to make a living so who am I trying to blame here?

Getting off-topic, though.
What I do love is this new poster for the movie, it's every school girl stalkers dream (even though it ain't promoting an Anime) and it up's the intensity from the former design without recreating the 'cheap soft porn' look.

So, hell yes?
Hell Yes!
Because no matter what I think of Megan, the movie is written by the genious Diablo Cody who already scripted Juno and it stars the adorable Amanda Seyfried, what can go wrong there?
Absolutely nothing I tell thee...

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  1. The new poster does look better than the previous one. I'm also a big fan of Diablo Cody. I hope the movies turns out to be alright. (I'm hearing negative reviews...)