Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Art comparison

Lovely minimalistic aproach. Notice how both are top to bottom follow (western) reading direction.

Two very literal uses of framing to direct the viewers eye, incidentially(?) both posters are from around the same time.

I hate it when they do that!
The Last House on the Left and The House that Vanished have in reality nothing in common although the poster art suggests quite diffrently, only Inferno and The Psychic do share a common genre if not, as the art is supposed to have you suspect, the same director.

Given the cult status of William Lustig's Maniac it's save to assume that the designer for this Hostel teaser was aware of the older poster art, is it a nod to the former gore master?

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  1. Yes, let's hope that the Hostel poster designer is paying homage, because it's an incredibly striking image. Indeed, I picked Maniac up from Blockbuster based on the cover art alone...I was 12, so I hadn't really heard anything about it.