Monday, August 17, 2009


Hard Candy from 2006 counts without a doubt among the greatest poster designs, presenting its subject matter with a remarkably inventive take on the image of Little Red Riding Hood.

It creates an instant sense of danger and violence, never needing to shed a single drop of blood, and like the movie it cleverly plays with our perception, leading us to draw wrong conclusions about what we are seeing, while playing with completly open cards.

The creator of the poster artwork for the 2007 movie Descent hooks up with the least imaginative rip-off possible, freely following the old proverb:
Why work if you can steal?

This is a long standing custom especially in the video market, and with some genres, like the Porn industry, the outcomes can be actually quite funny, witty even, worthy images of their own merit. Unfortunately a lot more often they simply follow the same example as Descent does, stripping the original idea of all taste and sublety and presenting us with something devoid of any original thought.


  1. The Hard Candy poster is definitely one of the best posters of all the time! How could you not be intrigued to see that movie? And it actually does make sense for the film.

    Love the site!!!! Thanks for posting on my blog. I'll be stopping by to admire some more great posters.

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