Monday, July 20, 2009

Sorority Row

Hollywood is fond of doing remakes and currently they are on a pillaging tour through the eighties. In the wake of this plundering we are about to get a remake of The House on Sorority Row, and as if planned as a foreshadowing of the to be expected quality the teaser poster is adorned with the most unoriginal, most bland looking, most generic horror design we had the misfortune to encounter in a long time.

Following the same inescapability for remakes the poster artwork can’t hold a candle to the beautiful original design.
But what’s worse is the ill humour shown by the designers when arranging the young cast of victims for this new slasher movie in a pose that is more than just passingly reminiscent of bodies piled up for burial in a mass grave.

One can only wonder why they did not go as far as calling the movie Sorority Girl Holocaust while being at it.
Well, given the chance I would have preferred to see a remake of Vampires of Sorority Row anyway.

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  1. I have seen the movie previously. I really enjoyed the movie a lot. I have seen it so many times that I am still waiting to watch it again...