Thursday, July 16, 2009

Art comparison

Excuse me for opening today’s blogpost with the album cover for Def Leppard’s Retro Active, there’s a point I want to make however. I love this poster art for The Descent, neat idea and a sure attention grabber, but I prefer the Leppard cover for a quite simple reason:
Same as the poster for The Descent it is a sure attention grabber, but where the former dissolves into it’s singular parts that do not hold up to a close view, the Leppard cover begins only to show the true cleverness of it’s execution upon closer observance.

Cabin Fever can be seen as a extension of the point made above, a beautiful design that holds up even at close range instead of revealing itself to be a simple gimmick without real visual depth. However, in this style I do slightly prefer the artwork for Premonition. It has a haunting quality and there’s a admirable elegance to how, with a few simple strokes the artist captured the essence of Sandra Bullock’s looks for this motive.

With a clever stroke of a brush artist Renato Casaro bridges the decades to form a link between Dino DeLaurentiis’ Flash Gordon and the earlier Barbarella. Kindred in spirit, fathered by the same producer.

Nightmares are all the same, as these two posters show, and fear can be a most sensual experience.


  1. Die Sister Die has an amazing poster, excellent find! I would hang that on the wall any day!

  2. I never knew Renato Casaro did Barbarella and Die Sister Die. They're incredible!!!

  3. The Barbarella poster was drawn by Boris Vallejo.
    Die Sister Die, don't know who did that one.