Thursday, July 9, 2009

I liked the movie better

From the get go Hollywood acquired the rights well known and best selling novels as well as some that flew under the radar to turn them into movies, and as old as that practice is the time honoured sport of criticizing them for their efforts, to rectify that here’s a second bunch of movies where I for one think that they got it right:

Stephen King’s It
The book is great, no question, I was scared as a kid by It.
But there’s a particular scene between the kids that always irked me which got for modesty reasons cut from the TV-Script and I happen to like that version just a wee bit more for this.

Howl’s Moving Castle
Another great book, the only thing I didn’t quite like was the part about Howl’s real origin.
That didn’t make it in the movie and I happen to think this to have been for the better. To say that I actually prefer the movie over the book wouldn’t be true though, it’s rather that both are excellent in their respective fields.

White Oleander
Loved the movie, despised the book. I never read that beyond the first quarter, the lead character of the book (played in the movie by Allison Lohman) is a highly unlikable, psychologically troubled brat that I couldn’t bring myself to care for one small bit.

Same as with White Oleander I couldn’t relate to the character of the book, his a-hole factor is greater there, but that is my only gripe with it, the story itself is great and the book a pleasant read. There’s also the fact that Cronenberg made a surprisingly charming villain that works in favour of the movie, too bad we never saw a sequel to it.

Logan’s Run
The book is a jumbled mess at times, it reads like a old Flash Gordon serial. I do have to agree with the critics that still the vastly different message of the book makes more sense than that of the movie, but the movie has a structure that the book is missing, trying it’s best to make sense of parts that appeared completely random. It almost seems as if the book was written in a adventure of the day set of mind, one chapter a time.

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