Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Let me excuse in advance for the recurring label-fraud, these are indeed no spoof posters but imaginative re-interpretations of old classics:

TCM has let some posters be re-imagined for it’s Summer under the Stars program, my fave of the bunch being the Rorschach Skull for Jekyl & Hyde, followed on the heel by the subtler image for To catch a thief, and Guess who’s coming for Dinner is a clever design that doesn’t need you to know the title in order to get what it is talking about.

The Blood Diamond one is from a similar themed Worth1000 contest, a beautiful piece of art.
And last we have a new version of an old acquaintance, I love it’s clever concept and how it perfectly captures the spirit of the time when Logan’s Run was made.

From TCM we've got some finalised poster art that can be found here, but most of which I find rather disappointing lacking the finesse that made the teaser posters above.

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