Friday, July 3, 2009

Movie Spoofs is regularly running it’s “One letter off” contest that calls for photoshopped movie posters.

The rules of this contest are thus: take a popular movie and swap
one and only one letter of its title OR add or subtract one and only one
letter of its title.

A few of my personal faves so far:

Grambo speaks out what we all thought upon the announcement of a new Rambo movie,
Miami Mice is brilliance in execution, a beautiful poster to start with and a great spoof.
Open Later reminds me of an old joke, that’s why I love it:
“A friend of mine died of hypothermia in a Drive-In, he wanted to see 'Closed During Winter'.”

The Ark Knight, that’s simply unexpected.
Paws, it’s the cute side of terror. *laugh*
Lost Toys, iconic motive, people adore that movie though I don’t know why, well made, fun to look at.

Friday the 12th, well it simply speaks to my sense of silly humour.
Don’t mess with the Lohan, she’s a cutey and I love the tag: “Pause. Pose. Kill them all.”
Dye Hard, Bruce Willis playing a gay coiffeur who wouldn’t love to see that?

A Family Affair and The Scrabble Movie are not from worth1000 but from a site who’s name I don’t remember. You can probably find it using Google if you care. Essentially it was about poking fun at the sameness of poster art used for McConaughey's RomCom's and coming up with possible new movie titles for him:

I don’t really like the idea behind A Family Affair but I did happen to think that this plot must be something at least one porn director out there considered to use at some point, just think about it:
A horny housewife possessing the body of a beautiful young girl and vice versa a innocent, but curious young girl suddenly in possession of the body of a mature woman…
The Scrabble Movie is a funny idea, love the tag:
“This summer, l-o-v-e is all about the s-c-o-r-e”, think typical RomCom meets Porky’s.

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