Friday, May 14, 2010

What's on their wall...

That's some good taste Soul Man Thomas C. Howell shows right there!
The original The Blob is in my humble opinion one of the most underrated, unfairly treated B-Movies. Yes, like a lot of Drive-In classics The Blob would have been forgotten by now if it hadn’t had the fortune of starring a young Steve McQueen, I won’t deny that. But most critics are so blinded by this little fact that they offhandedly ignore the very real entertainment value of this little gem. We have a delightful mix of the Horror, Sci-Fi and rebelling youth genres with a surprisingly early, pre Al Gore Earth warming warning.

It is a far superior movie to the remake which substituted the original’s straight faced seriousness with off-hand, self deprecating humour and better FX, none of which really worked in favour of the story. The cheesy 50’s Sci-Fi satire had been done before and a lot more amusing and it’s been proven often enough: Expensive FX kill cheap movies.*
In the end the remake misses what keeps the original alive, the memorable performance of actors struggling to stay serious in the face of a ludicrous story.

*Upon reflection, that’s about as much of a revelation as saying: Death kills people.
But so what, I’m a blogger, not a philosopher.

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