Sunday, May 23, 2010

The eyes have it

A gallery of sorts

Polish poster for Deliverance on the left, hard to say what went through the artists mind but it is a striking image he created there even if it hasn't to do much at all with the movie at hand.
Seed of Chucky is perfect for the specific humour of the movie.

Skeleton Key, marvelous image that exactly captures what the movie turns out to be about.
Haven't seen one part of the Art of the Devil series yet, but Thai movies usually come with beautiful, often painfully violent art that promises a lot more than the movie actually shows.

The Eye, well with such a title... it's again a image that hasn't much to do with the movie, creepy image no less.
Candyman; I'm in love with that poster! I used to have a mortal fear of bees (Apiophobia), that image still scares me.


  1. Wow, that DELIVERANCE poster is pretty amazing.

  2. Thanks for sharing ! All the posters are brilliant one..I enjoyed reading of your article..