Monday, May 10, 2010

Re-Imagined II

Found a few new takes on old acquaintances, enough at least for a second round.
I'm going to start with a second helping of poster-art for the TCM classic film festival:

It's an unwritten rule in this house to start when ever possible with posting a picture of a beautiful woman, here's two for your viewing pleasure.

Beautiful designs both, in the end I do slightly prefer the take on Jailhouse Rock which reminds, at the very least me, so much of the late & great Johnny Cash and his formidable prison concerts.

The next couple posters come from a Flickr stream the link to which I've forgot to scribble down, but don't worry you'll only miss some overly artistic approaches if you haven't seen it:

More comic art influenced stuff, but I like it.

This idea for Blade Runner is perfectly fitting to the movies retro noir style, and there's never anything to say against a tasteful nude.

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