Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Day of the Ant

In honour of those little buggers that worked their way through an outer wall into my bathroom: Ants!

I managed to thwart their attempt at taking over my living spaces, but can’t shake the feeling that those scouts that tend to still appear, single or in small groups, are supposed to divert my attention from the main force; hiding somewhere, secretly plotting away on a miniature version of D-Day, only will they call it Ant-Day.
I swear I can sense them lying in wait for the Fuhrer to sleep, so that they can invade headquarters
…should I vanish from the blogsphere, just assume that I got nibbled to death.

I probably shouldn't like that design for The Naked Jungle as much as I do, one could see a racist notion in how the people on the bottom are portrayed as ants.
Personally I think it adds to the concept, there's something "human" to the way ants organize themself.

That Them! easily counts as one of Sci-Fi's masterpieces goes without saying, the German poster (Formicula) doesn't do this awesome movie justice, still the artwork is worthwhile.

It's Dynasty's own Alexis (Joan Collins) getting eaten by giant ants. Sounds like you can't go wrong with that movie, no?
Never saw it though.

Phase IV is among my alltime faves, as a kid the movie scared me, but so did It Happened at Lakewood Manor only that I don't expect that I would still like that one, or be still as intrigued by it as I'm by Phase IV. Love the US poster for Phase IV, that particular scene creeped me out for years, I also like the more artsy (or should I say antsy?) German version, after all it is more than "just" a further animal horror movie.

The Danish(?) DVD cover for The Hive gives us a carbon copy of Phase IV, which is both true and unfairly deceptive, The Hive did glean most of its ideas from Phase IV, but it is a thoughtless piece of CGI rubbish that has nothing on its peer, apart from featuring world domination bend ants.

Glass Trap and the French DVD cover for It happened look remarkable similar and remind both strongly of Phase IV which further illustrates the importance of that movie for the genre.

I close with King of the Ants because it ties in so nicely with my last post.

Coming up when ever I can be bothered: Rats!

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  1. Thanks for reviews ! I never heard about this film..It is looking to be good one..Let me make a plan..will go for it soon.