Thursday, May 20, 2010

The other kind of computer movie

I like this particular teaser poster for Pandorum, didn’t think much of the others, even though it tends to remind me of Eden Log.
And even though it begs the question what exactly the design team wanted to convey?
Pandorum – a cyberpunk techno horror trip?

Anyhow, there is more than a similarity in the art department shared by Eden Log and Pandorum. Both are deeply rooted in the same basic genre: Computer Adventures.
And as such both hinge on the same many used, not to say overused, storytelling technique of using a lead character that suffers from a convenient amnesia, allowing the writer to spoon feed us the story.

But despite some rather heavy handed dialogue, and a less thrilling end than I hoped for (it felt a bit like having witnessed a overgrown episode of Outer Limits) and the quest oriented story structure it shares with Eden Log, which I personally feel to be better suited to be used in games than movies, Pandorum is a pleasure to watch. Eden Log on the other hand had a lot more promise and would have offered a quite thoughtful story, but it loses points for taking refuge in a pseudo philosophic end image when the writer had to capitulate before the complex statement he at one point doubtless intended to make, and it loses some more points for the artful but clunky directing that overly focuses on creating singular images to the point of ignoring any storytelling logic, but most massively it loses points for incorporating a completely gratuitous rape sequence.
What are we?
Still living in a seventies idea of the world in which rape is a acceptable story vehicle to spice up movies?

For shame…

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  1. ever seen the manga Blame! both movies totally took there idea from that.