Thursday, September 17, 2009

In memoriam Patrick Swayze

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Patrick Swayze, whose hunky good looks and sympathetic performances … made him a romantic idol to millions, died Monday. He was 57.

Sad news, I liked the movies he made a lot (yes even Steel Dawn gained a certain nostalgic worth by now).

Dirty Dancing is a great legacy to leave behind though, and I cherish the memory of countless legions of boys claiming to have been forced by their girl friends to watch that movie. Personally I loved it, it’s one of those I watched several times in theatre.
Patrick Swayze was certainly the perfect choice to play the part of Johnny; charismatic, attractive, but not too handsome, not girlish like a lot of the ‘Rebels’ following in his footsteps.

Tiger Warsaw (Called Dirty Tiger in Germany *g*), I never saw that movie, I admittedly didn’t take that much notice of Patrick’s work beyond Dirty Dancing, mainly stays in mind for it’s obvious try to make money from his Dirty Dancing stardom.

Ghost, that's my sisters favourite of his movies which she likes even more than Dirty Dancing, is the movie that made him probably most prominent and it is among the few that I can’t help but feel to be a typical Chick-Flick (if you excuse me using that term) in the sense that it is a great movie but one that really seems to be best understood and most adored by women (although I can easily imagine millions of men, and some women, too, no doubt, picturing themselves in Patrick’s place in the famous love scene).

Red Dawn, another classic, silly movie, a typical cheesy 80’s actioner that I probably would have long since forgotten if it wasn’t for the stupid rallying of certain groups against it, calling in all but words a capitalistic offence against eastern states.
Some people take entertainment far too serious.

And who of us 80’s could ever forget the phenomenon that was North & South?
Fond memories, all of them.

Goodbye "Orry" we already miss you…

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  1. I love Red Dawn. Pure classic. Thanks for posting these.