Sunday, September 20, 2009

Casaro's Bogey

I don't think anybody can doubt the huge influnece Casaro's work had on the movie poster market of the 80's.
Same as you can't get round Humphrey Bogart if you have even just a fleeting interest in Ganster cinema, let alone that there's simply no excuse not to have seen Casablanca at least once in a cinema.

On the left we have one of Casaro's famous designs for the Munich Filmfest posters; below is his famous Casablanca illustration, truly amazing work; and The Maltese Falcon, of which I'm honestly not so sure, while he captured Bogey's face in usual perfection I think the Falcon to look a tad too Indiana Jones (on a side note: you will recognize that same style on his poster for "Over the top").

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