Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Off the wall

I used to have a rat as pet a few years back, called Tamara, but the poor animal got cancer and had to be put to rest before her time.
However, because of their likeness in colouring and to keep her company I had a standee for Willard/Ben put up on my wall during her lifetime.

I also had put up the ad for Deadly Eyes for her viewing pleasure, a neat poster for a decent ‘giant rats attack’ movie. Only why they claim that script to have been based on James Herbert’s highly entertaining debut novel The Rats will remain a mystery for me, all that movie and the book have in common with each other is that they feature rats. Deadly Eyes is also one of those movies where the German distributer thought it necessary to come up with a new English title: Night Eyes, makes complete sense to do that, no?
Funny Germans.

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