Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Whore's Son

Some posters are too beautiful to pass, others are too ugly to pass without a second glance, some have you just dumbfound trying to marvel out what might have went through the artists mind.

The Whore’s Son is non of that, it’s actually such a non descript image with such a equally non-descript title (a typical shock value idea for the morally up-tight) that I would usually not have given it a second glance hadn’t it been for the stupid tag:

"In spite of everything, she’s still your mom."

Not that he seems to care one way or the other, his look suggests that he’s still trying to decode if the prop department dressed him up in a vain attempt to make him look posh or if he’s supposed to be gay. His ‘mom’ on the other hand does sport a “WTF is that?” look, probably hoping that nobody will recognize him as being her son, we do not always get the offspring we hope for.
A sexually confused Mod is certainly not what she hoped for.

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