Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Father of Q

Me! Fool!
Q-The winged serpent is one of my faves both for poster artwork and as movie and I completely forgot to mention Q’s legitimate father. It took me flipping through an old Sci-Fi Age issue and stumbling upon a Top Ten Great Bad Movies article to remember this pearl. A belated spotlight for: The Giant Claw (’57) father of Q.
A movie that Mick Martin calls
“A must-see for bad-movie buffs”.

The The Giant Claw poster sports a very different style from it’s late relative Q (’82), it reminds us with it’s use of vibrant colours more of the eye-catching covers old pulp magazines like Astounding Stories used to feature. With the attacking giant bird, which did, as portrayed in this image by artist Carl Lundgren which was obviously inspired by this movie, have a closer semblance to a Vulture, mimicking the popular stance of the American Eagle.

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