Saturday, June 20, 2009


I consider myself a huge fan of the Angel movies, although their actual quality is certainly debatable. The movies paint a much romanticised picture of working on the street, which makes a large part of their charm; they allow us to pretend that even if the world we live in ain’t perfect, there are always enough good people to be found in it.

In all honesty the main draw to these movies was for me that at the time Angel came out I was too young to watch it, and that stroke me as kind of ironic: There was this movie which was clearly shot with my age group as target audience in mind (and probably a few pervs) and yet I was not allowed to see it. So all I had was the poster to admire; and Donna Wilkes in Hot Pants was, well, looking damn Hot!*

And if we are being honest at the moment let me also admit that I haven’t seen Angel 4, yet.
But up to Angel 3: The Search I enjoyed them all.

*The school uniform had something to it, too!

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  1. angel is one of my favorite show. Angel is a show that is going to live forever because it never gave in and changed itself around in order to be more friendly for the masses. Must watch it !