Monday, June 15, 2009

Graveyard Shift

The past is a different place,
they do things differently there...

In my mind I tend to ascribe that phrase to Stephen King, which might be wrong but I'm most certain that I first encountered it in some of his writing. And King being King, it ever since holds for me a ominous meaning, threatening in a not quite tangible way.

The past is a different place, and it can be threatening too, but what's more important is that inevitably we all will arrive at a point when it will have become the place where we will have spend most of our live. That’s probably the reason some of us become obsessed with it, unable to let go of the memory of our Glory Days which passed us by, the reason we become nostalgic; the knowledge that more of our live lies behind us, irrevocably lost, than lies ahead.

Sorry if this post doesn't make much of a sense to you, I guess this is just one of those days when I like to look back and draw the past over my shoulder as a comforting blanket, my personal Graveyard Shift.

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