Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Picture perfect moment

There seems to be a agreement among critics all over that the cannibal movie had no message to convey. With those people ‘meaning’ is an important feat, they are not happy until they found some that they can apply to a movie.
This scene from La montagna del dio cannibale should make them happy:
A beautiful woman surrounded by (male) savages.

This might be an unintentional message, but it bears the suggestion that it was not the vile depiction of violence, or the open show of racism that made critics detest them, no, it was this uneasy feel the cannibal movies gave us, that they simply shrugged off all civilized pretension to show us society as it really is, which did.

A show of hands please, who didn't instantly think of the ferocious little T-Rex Gon when he first saw those little buggers from Ice Age 3?

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