Friday, February 12, 2010

What's in a title?

When, as a child, I first saw the German poster for Dracula 1972 A.D. with its “Dracula jagt Mini-Mädchen” title (Dracula hunts Mini-Girls), I didn’t readily realize that they meant the fashion of the time but instead had a picture in my mind of Christopher Lee chasing Barbie sized women. Mind you, that didn’t make the movie sound any less awesome, or scary, to me back then.

Looking at that poster now the only scary about it is that typical 70's style mix of drawn motive and photography, which workes at times, but mostly not.
We do find the usual promise of sex & violence one comes to expect from the count, though.

There was a British band that called themselves When in Rome, I don’t recall any of their songs but I remember seeing a live video of them in a store, I was convinced for years that the band was called When and just happened to play in Rome, which they probably did, play in Rome that is.

I have no idea where exactly Josh is supposed to be looking on that poster but he adds a nice quirkiness with his expression, and Kirsten looks simply cute, also I adore that little yellow car.
Not a best of poster, but one me really likes.

What I wonder about though:
If the best thing you can find to say about your movie is that it's from the same studio that made The Proposal (which is like praising a book with: Published by the same company that brought you "The Notebook"), it doesn't look that promising.


  1. Man, after seeing the collection in your February 6th post (which by the way one commenter called "visual treat to the eyes"), I LOVE the sanity of the When in Rome poster. It's kinda reassuring me of the brighter side of the world...

  2. Or should I trust them? Hm...