Sunday, February 14, 2010

The horror, the horror

Sorry wrong movie, this is not the heartless remake of My Bloody Valentine (could have fooled me there), but a heartless original Valentines movie.

Hollywood seems to have rediscovered the episodic format for itself. *sigh*
Nothing wrong with that form of storytelling in and of itself, it’s just that this type of movie has a tendency to turn out rather unsatisfying. Looking at those posters that have nothing more to tell me than that the designer had no idea what the movie is supposed to be about and that Hollywood still believes in name dropping (or is that face dropping when we talk movie posters) as excuse for lack of actual story, I already feel disheartened.

I might be wrong, it happens, and they did ascertain that for the movie the only way is up compared to its poster design.
Me, cynical? What makes you think so?

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