Sunday, December 13, 2009


Everytime I read that title I'm instantly reminded of a short story written by Nancy A. Collins which appeared in one of the Hot Blood anthologies.
That has nothing at all to do with the movie and doesn't sway any real influence on my expectations regarding it, or any of the others using Demonlover in their title, I just find it funny how my mind can at times come up with completly unrelated connections and then refuses to let go.
I can almost picture myself watching that movie and go "Well, Nancy A. Collins would have written that scene differently..."

And on a different note: I really dig that poster, it reminds instantly of Rosemary's Baby, and of Dust Devil.
I'm aware that I used to say that last part just a few days ago about a Hellboy poster, but there it was about a similarity in style here I'm talking about a general vibe the poster gives me.
Kinda hard to explain, but I think those that saw Dust Devil will understand what I mean.

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