Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All good things...

…come in threes; but this is not true for Hollywood, here we rather seem to be dealing with an unwritten third time’s not the charm rule.
Blade Trinity is a prime example for that.
What started out as fast paced, entertaining new take on movie vampires proved to probably having been too fast paced for its own good, by reaching the third part it already had ran itself to death*. It’s excruciating to watch decent actors struggle their way to this mess of a script the movie was build on, and to add insult to injury the only visible attempt to salvage this mess at least financially was by cranking up the PPM** rate to a maximum in hopes to at least appeal to a large enough crowd of kids that still find the mention of body parts and bodily functions to be a hoot…

And what again had the man himself, David S. Goyer, to say about sequels:
“…New Line, and Wesley, and a lot of people involved hope that Blade will spawn […] other sequels or, you know, Tv-Show or who knows what. The Big question to me will be, I mean Blade is a very graphic violent, dark movie, and the big question to me will be, if a second film is made will it be more user-friendly, will it go down the Batman road. I mean, I was very disappointed with the Batman films, I thought they got successively worse. You know, if there’s gonna be a Blade Happy Meal in five years from now we are in trouble.”

Blade Trinity's feeble charms could be found summed up in its run of teaser posters.

*Actually I thought that the TV-Series marked a huge step-up again in story, but no less it was too little too late.
** PPM = Profanities per minute.

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