Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's on their wall...

Stacey Pubah (played by Diana Barrows), friend to Jennifer Shaber (played by Katrina Caspary) who’s mothers unfortunate disposition gives the movie My mom’s a werewolf it’s title (Helen Shaver after being bitten by Alpha male John Saxon, I think very few would protest that prospect too much), is made out to be a true genre fangirl and accordingly plastered are the walls of her room in a range from cult to trash:

Following the always beautiful to look at poster for Galaxina, a movie more popular for the tragic circumstances under which the lead actress came to death than for actually quality, Prime Evil which reputably has non of that, movie quality that is.
Point of Terror I freely admit I had to search for, didn’t see that movie (yet), nor did I hear of it before.

My mom writer Mark Pirro wrote and directed the probably not further mention worthy Deathrow Gameshow, which we get a glimpse at in her room, and Nudist Colony of the Dead, which doesn’t feature on her wall but is mentioned in the movie … ah well, what a luck that taste can’t be argued, no?

For some reason I'm always reading Nudist's tagline as: "They'll eat you barf ... naked" (eww, naked!)

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