Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The other Nightmares

Welcome to my nightmare...

That's about all I really remember from Nightmare 6, the fact that Alice Cooper did a cameo.
That, and that it was the only one in the series that made me consider demanding my money back.

Part 7, the style breaker, new aproach to the story, new look to the poster art, I didn't like either of the changes but enjoyed to see Heather Langenkamp back in a Nightmare movie.
Makes me wonder what our chances might be to see her in the remake?

Heck! I actually forgot that a new and improved Tongue Phone appeared in that part.
Really love that one.

I like the trailer for the remake, I think it can really work, even though I find this floating victim to be a somewhat lame idea.
Other than that it makes a solid impression.
And you'd be really hard pressed to come up with something worse than Freddy's Dead. :)

Seeing the posters though, in the art department they can't hold a candle to the original so far.

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