Monday, March 8, 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 + 3

Nightmare 2: Freddy’s Revenge (on who or whatever).
First Rule for sequels: Never let yourself be bothered by logic, or the absence of same.
Second Rule: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a movie which made a good fortune must be in want of a sequel.

Part two introduces us to a new (and improved?) Freddy, here starts his transition from a troubled serial killer into the show master of horror which we know him as today.
Nightmare two also plays the recurring topic of teenage fear of (homo-)sexuality decidedly more open than the others do, if it wasn’t for exploding canaries among other things it could have become a more than worthy successor.
As it stands the changes between the original Nightmare and the first of its sequels perfectly serve to illustrate the changes the genre went through in the 80’s.
It’s a entertaining movie, one that comes packaged with a further amazing piece of artwork, just non that really stands out.

I still do find the scene between Jesse and his sleeping sister to count among the more memorable ones of the series, no less.

Nightmare 3: Dream Warriors
Wes Craven returns and Heather Langenkamp with him. Despite the fact that the script follows the route taken by the first sequel and furthers Freddy’s status as entertainer, it also goes back to stark horror with some truly unnerving ideas.
The perfect execution of the FX, a sequence which shows a marionette change into Freddy for example has lost nothing of its impact, a sly sense of (occasionally dark) humour, as a comic reader I simply loved that the bar where they meet with Nancy’s Father is called Little Nemo’s, and a wonderful cast that includes young Patricia Arquette and Jennifer Rubin, make this one worthy sequel I can hardly find a flaw with.

And such a sweet poster to go with it, that slowly ebbs out the erotic undertones and adds a definitive fantasy aspect the series should gain from here onwards.

I positively love this promotional picture of Freddy Nurse, there’s something disturbingly sexy to her (him? it?):

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  1. I started watching it, but it looked so stupid - I had to stop. I've watched all the previous ones, but this one is by far the worse. Never wish to watch this film again.