Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scary Asians

Twins are scary, horror found that out long ago, there’s something about identical looking people that is inherently unsettling. Evil twins and dark halfs are what a large part of the genre is made of... at least I guess you never are Alone, with one of those.

This image for The Descent is the kind of scene that always makes me want to look the other way, I guess anybody who ever lost a fingernail can easily understand why it is among the images that make me invariably whince*. 'Tis also probably why it is so popular use within the genre.

Wheelchairs, and the associated idea of disability scared me already as a kid, obviously one can’t out grow all of his fears.
To Sir with love, even the title has something unsettling.

Even running danger of coming off as a wimp, I still have to say that this poster artwork, for the French movie Frontiers, terrifies me.
The everyday news reality of it is much too close for my personal comfort.
I know that the idea of horror is to scare us, but must it be done in such a frightening way?

The idea of getting your tongue cut out or mouth sewn shut is a truly scary one when you think about it, to loose an important part of our ability to communicate with others that's truly a Art of the Devil.

*Another such scene is the fall/jump from heights. I have a practically pathological fear of breaking my leg.

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  1. I've never seen that Frontiers poster before and it's quite striking. Much more effective than the American cover art. To Sir With, now that's disturbing.