Sunday, October 25, 2009

Max Payne

Max Payne, the PC game, earned it’s fame by being a stylish, inventive game that never denied it’s roots in hard boiled crime fiction.

Max Payne, the movie, was unfortunately hell-bent on going in the direct opposite direction, showing a painfully lack of either style or inventiveness. And instead of honoring it’s roots it appears to us as a petty thief.

The movie’s poster, which uses the backdrop of a lighted bridge arc to create a image of Wahlberg (who’s boyish looks don’t fit the character at all) as an avenging angel, already marks the height of originality. Although, fairness probably demands to note that the harebrained idea of producing a PG-rated action movie based on a R-rated action game is kind of original in it’s own right.

Pictures: Max Payne, The Crow, Constantine, Max Payne

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