Monday, October 19, 2009

Adorable Jessica

Usually you would have found a further installment in the "what's on their wall" series here, but the moment I layed eyes on this poster the movie was sold to me.
Even though I'm not exactly familiar with the work of Akif Pirinçci, so it could really be about any thing, but Jessica Schwartz has to be the most beautiful actress Germany has currently to offer. I'm hopelessly in love with her, she's my current "not so teen"-crush. *Sigh*

By the way, I tentatively labeled this with Sci-Fi because the tag on the poster says:
"If you could change your past, what would you do?", both that tagline and the original book title hint on a fantastic element to the movie (the book title could be loosely translated as "The back then door").

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