Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lesbian Vampire Killers

Perfect poster!
A whack stupid title and a thumbs up for nudity motive to go along with it. Love that!

Sure the movie that is advertised here will have a tough time competing with its own ad for brilliance in spoofing the ol' Jess Franco mentality.

But the idea of Lesbian Vampires is older than Jess Franco, although nobody else ever managed to get as synonymous with captalising on that image than he did, we can see it hinted in the old Hammer movies where the female victim of the Vampire is invariably relesed from her confining Victorian nature to become a sexually independt woman, a Vamp in every sense of the word.

And even the three sisters in Dracula, and Mina no less, already ring the tune that a females emancipation only truly begins once she's striven off her earthly, societal bounds.

Exploring Lesbianism seems thus to become the ultimate image of female freedom.

So, is Vampire fiction with its open exploration of human sexuality at its core a well hidden root source for female emancipation?

Not likely, no. After all this sexual freedom is one bought at great expesnses and in the end they are still bound to man, to the Vampire that created them and to overthrow that eternal symbol of male oppression they would need to kill the count himself; societal death may bring sexual freedom, but true freedom it seems can only be gained thru the death of those that aspire to be masters over others.

There's another motive around that seems, in its less inspired execution, more interested in copying the common hordes of Vampire romance book covers. Simply thriving on the standard Blood is Sex trope this is showcasing a, at best, yawn inducing take on popular culture imagery. How it makes me long back to Jess Franco's decade and movie posterart like the one for Vampyres (1974) with its unmistakable fun loving, lesbian vampire couple.

A question if I may:
Does anybody else remember the movie Meat Market with its not very subtle but no less fun homage to the Jess Franco classic Vampiros Lesbos?

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