Thursday, May 28, 2009

American Monster

Off the wall

Over the years a few especially treasured movie posters made it on my wall, the poster to American Monster (‘German’ title for Q-The Winged Serpent) is one of them.

"It's name is Quetzalcoatl... just call it 'Q'... that's all you have time to say before it tears you apart."

is only in its stupidity a remarkable tagline, and true, the movie will never make it in a Hall of Fame based on its cleverness, but I adore it no less. It’s funny, quirky, shot on a budget … in short, it’s the perfect kind of movie for me.

The poster itself is an obvious play on the famous King Kong end sequence:
A Blond woman captive for the monster? Check!
Aircraft attacking the Monster? Check!
A Landmark building? Check!

On a side note: The girl the Monster holds in it’s claw on the US poster, didn’t make it on the German poster. Mayhap they thought that to be to much for a rated Sixteen movie? *snicker*

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  1. The poster is looking great. IS it any movie name. I never heard about it. I would like to know more on it. It seems to be interesting one..Would surely go for it.