Tuesday, April 28, 2009


More often than not modern movie posters seem to aim for a What the heck? factor to catch viewer attention. That’s exactly the first thought that went trough my head seeing the artwork for Wanted the first time.

What the heck, indeed.

I’m not sure if it is intention on the artists side or simple lack of talent/imagination that makes this poster so God awful to look at. Angelina looks like she’s meant to model for an anorexia awareness ad and whoever is doing a fly-by in the background there is either meant for comic relief or the worst case of edited in picture I’ve seen in quite awhile.
Prize question: what is Angelina supposed to be looking at?

What’s more, Wanted stands as the anti-thesis to what I said about printing women and guns on a poster, when neither the gal nor the weapon (and could they have possibly found a more butt ugly exemplary?*) strikes you as beautiful to behold (or menacing, or awe inducing … in short as anything but bland) you could have gone with a smurf and a flower for your poster far as effectiveness goes.

Given, it is a image that stays with you and that is half the rent in advertising but I’m going to lean out the window here and claim that this is not the way you want your product to be remembered. I might be wrong though, it happens they say.

*No, not Angelina, she’s a hottie nonetheless, I’m speaking about that gun of course.

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