Sunday, April 26, 2009


Now, that’s what I call a movie poster!
Honestly, this is the first poster in too long a time that had me go:
Gosh! I have to see that movie!

Yep, a poster like that and you already won me over (* in spite of me * Hit it!)

It sparks such an old fashioned sense of romance that you can’t help but instantly think of such classics as From here to Eternity (actually a movie that will never manage to live up to the overgrown expectations I have build out regarding it, but that’s another story).
Curiously my first thoughts when I first saw this poster were in order:
  1. Here’s been someone at work that remembers the old classics, either that or he/she suffers from a healthy overdose of romance novels.
  2. This must be what Pearl Harbor wanted to look like.

Shame on me, I know, when in the face of such perfect beauty the first other motive that comes to mind is Pearl Harbor you should go and put yourself out of your misery.
Just kidding! Pearl Harbor was a fine poster, not in the same league, in my not so humble opinion, but it had me tempted to watch the movie in spite of what I thought about the trailer.

What pulled me instantly to Australia is this open sense of passion the likes of which we remember from Gone with the Wind (you do remember that one don't you? Clark Gable & Vivien Leigh in a tigh embrace close to kissing each other, cast against the red sky above a burning Atlanta; it's the perfectly metaphor for their love), where Pearl Harbor rather opt's for a chaste love scene.
America's loss of innocence.

And in the best Hollywood tradition there's naturally always someone that says nothing's so beautiful that we wouldn't dare to come up with something, ah, let's stay friendly and just say: Simpler!

Really, I would at best dare to print that one on the cover of a Wal-Mart romance novel. I got this hunch that Canadian lumberjacks could have come up with a more romantic alternative.

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