Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lazy sunday...

I'm lazy today, so you all you get is another on of my boring teen crush stories.
In the time before Linda Blair shook my world and my libido there was Kristy McNichol, who, as it is the way with these early loves in our life (or at least in mine), still can make me go weak in the knees. This is no doubt owned to the fact that at a time when I was still young enough to ponder my chances of trading in my little sister for Megan Follows, I was allowed to watch episodes from Family but not The Exorcist (and given the way how my eight year old self reacted to the trailer for Dawn of the Dead it was probably a wise decision on my parents side).

For some unfathomable reason, me and said sister which I never really got round to trade in seem also to be the only people to like The Pirate Movie.
And a movie like The night the lights went out in Georgia, combining Kristy McNichol and country music, is as close to heaven, I guess, as one can get while still alive.

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