Monday, October 18, 2010

Having fun with a gun

Question: What's stronger than a locomotive, can shoot higher than a skyscraper and is faster than a bullet... erm, strike that last one. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, It's Super-Gun!

Really, I would like to know what this artist thought, when he came up with the idea of a gun racing a train.
Well, at least it looks, ahm, fast...

I know nothing to say to this artwork for The Maltese Falcon.
If I'd have to take a guess, I'd say that it must be a sign of the time, most likely it was created for a 70's reissue of the movie.

While the above ones already made me wonder about the respective artists this one clearly takes the cake, and begs the question:
Who in hell approved that?

I mean it's a image of a gun that fires a man holding a rifle... can you get anymore redundant?

Now, this Italian poster for the movie "The Boss" that's what I call great artwork.
You simply have to love how the figure at the same time breaks through the scenery and is a part of it, making you wonder if those little figures in the lower left got scared off by the car chase or the sudden appearance of a hovering giant hand.


  1. I love these theme comparisons. Here are some more fun guns from germany:

    Eine Pistole für Ringo (1965)
    Cat Ballou (1965)
    Django (1966)
    San Sebastian (1968)
    Ich, der Richter (1982)
    Public Enemy No. 1 (2008)

    (I hope it's not spamming... ;-) )

  2. Love the "Django" poster, those others are varying degrees of hilarious.
    What the hell where they thinking? :D

  3. I like the east german "Cat Ballou" poster. A typical east European style. - And also a little bit funny because of the "phallic" guns... :-)

  4. Interesting that you put that Fred Williamson one in this post with that CASABLANCA one. I say that because check out this art for JUSTICE DONE (which came out as SODA CRACKER):