Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh, how original...

How original a design that is, not.
Didn't we see that exact scene already in one of the Matrix movies?
No, wait, it was at the end of Die Hard... no, it's from Stick...
I guess you get my drift.

And yet that poster perfectly exemplifies something important about the newest 3D craze. As somebody else put it:
"I dislike 3D, it offers nothing new to the storytelling process."
It's a fantastic, expensive FX gadget, that makes the studios a few millions more, but in all actuality it has already reached the extent of its use.

And yet, although the teaser material begins to look less promising with each new addition, I'm exactly the kind of stupidly devoted fan to the Resident movies that is going to flock to the cinemas to see it when it's released.
Our kind just can't be helped. :)

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