Monday, June 14, 2010


How many ways can you pose a Samurai Girl (a Samouress?), seems there's only one...
One Chanbara didn't strike me as being big budget or known enough to justify a copycat, guess I was wrong.
Or it is just further proof that Japan's industry in special in this case, but the Asian market as a whole, has successfully filled the void left when Italian studios ceased their output of quickly shot, but often highly original rip-offs of American movies at a way lower budget.

As Kim Newman observed in his book "Nightmare Movies":
Italy may make rip-offs, but at least it can claim to make the best, most lively, most audacious rip-offs in the world ... films don't even have to be big hits to rate an Italian imitation.

Word Kim!

Or maybe while the movie One Chanbara doesn't strike one as copy worthy material, the game it was based on is.
I sure can't say that I heard about it before, but that doesn't say much.
One thing however I can say for sure:
The similarities between Chanbara and Samurai Princess are no coincidence.

Now guess which design has my favour?

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